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    Preston Roper, Enel X General Manager NA, is going to Washington, D.C. this July to speak at the SEPA Grid Evolution Summit. This event will bring together technology providers, academics, government agencies and electricity stakeholders to discuss and form new innovative solutions in the electric industry.

    July 29 - August 1, 2019Washington, D.C.
    David Schlosberg, Vice President, Energy Market Operations at eMotorWerks, will be going to San Francisco this July to participate in the Storage Week Plus Forum. Energy storage can be used for generation, energy load, and as a transmission asset. Policymakers, renewable energy developers and customers will get together to share the knowledge about energy storage in our modern world.

    July 23-25, 2019San Francisco, CA
    Karen Hsu, Senior Director of Business Development, Utilities at eMotorWerks will be going to Portland, OR this June to participate in Roadmap 12 Conference. This event includes hundreds of participants, 100+ speakers, exhibits, mobility tours and interactive sessions. The main focus is on electric and smart mobility as well as new available technology.

    June 18-19, 2019Portland, OR
    Alan White, Head of Global Sales at eMotorWerks, will be going to Novi, MI this June to take part in the TU Automotive Detroit’s E-Mobility Summit. This large auto tech event will bring together automakers, hardware and software companies, insurers, investors, startups and many other people and organizations united by desire to keep up with innovations and technology.

    June 4-6, 2019Novi, MI
    Dolf Joekes, VP Product Partnerships at eMotorWerks, will be taking part in EEHE (Electric/Electronic in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management) Conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany this coming May. Haus der Technic will welcome developers, users and researchers all under one roof to present and share electric and electronic architectures, energy storage systems, charging technology and components.

    May 22-23, 2019Bad Nauheim, Germany
    Elise Benoit, Vice President, Marketing at eMotorWerks, will be going to Tacoma, WA this May to speak at the Green Transportation Summit. This event covers such topics as global electrification, clean energy sources, innovative vehicles, renewable fuels and many others. It is also a great opportunity to network with industry professionals.

    May 21-23, 2019Tacoma, WA
    David Schlosberg, Vice President, Energy Market Operations at eMotorWerks, is going to Chicago this May to participate in the 4th Annual Grid Modernization Forum. This is a great opportunity for technology innovators and executives to share their experiences and thoughts about smart grid investment, network performance, outage restoration and distributed energy source integration.

    May 20-22, 2019Chicago, IL
    Val Miftakhov, eMotorWerks’ CEO & Founder, is confirmed to speak at the Energy Executive Forum in Scottsdale, AZ this May. The main focus will be on the customers: how to lead them towards new energy sources while letting them enjoy all the benefits. Competitive energy companies and their leaders will have the opportunity to connect with each other, share their knowledge of the industry and present the Next Big Thing.

    May 13-14, 2019Scottsdale, AZ